What I Do:  

My sports customs originate from figures created by McFarlane Toys. I then "customize" the original figure into someone else through one of three methods.

1. Repaint: A repaint is a custom figure that utilizes the existing figure as is. The figure is primed and repainted and redecaled into another player and team. No modeling or interchanging of parts done.

2. Slightly modified: A slight modification custom involves the same as above, but also includes taking parts (arms, legs, hands, etc.) from one figure and interchanging them onto another. There also might be some added sculpturing with a clay called "Sculpey" to the figure and also other materials for more accuracy.

3. Full modification: A Full modification custom invloves creating a completely new pose from various parts of several other figures and also incorporating sculpey and other materials.


The total cost for each custom is dependent on the method of customization (see above), the size of the custom, if individualized packaging is ordered and also how difficult the original pose chosen is to find.

General Base Costs:

6" figure - $55-80

12" figure - $100-145


***I am in no way affiliated with McFarlane Toys or any other company that may be represented by McFarlane Toys.






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